Month: October 2018

Premier Housewares Kitchen Trolley with Bamboo Top

Premier Housewares Kitchen Trolley with Bamboo Top – 84 x 67 x 37 cm, White: Kitchen & Home

Dijon Cream Painted Furniture Large Granite Top Kitchen Island Unit Worktop

Dijon cream painted furniture large granite top kitchen island unit worktop: Kitchen & Home

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Baby Room Ideas – The Best Design Solutions

Baby Room Ideas – The Best Design Solutions Are you soon going to be coming home from the hospital with your new baby? Here’s hoping you already have the baby nursery in order for your baby. If not then hopefully you still have time before your latest addition arrives and everything that needs to be […]

How to Tile a Shower Wall

The three walls surrounding a shower and bathtub require more than a traditional wallboard surface because of the constant wet and damp conditions. Ceramic wall tile is a great choice. It’s tough, easy to clean and it can stand up to all the wetness of busy shower receives. Ceramic tile can be installed directly over […]

Ikea 301.841.73 Holmo Floor Lamp

Ikea 301.841.73 Holmo Floor Lamp, Metal, 46-Inch: Lighting

Painted Furniture

Painted Furniture – A great way to enhance the look of any room in your home is through the use of painted furniture. From old school charm to the contempotary and sleek, you can have any look you desire. One of the great features of painted furniture is that you can do it all on […]

What Kinds Of Mirrors Should You Have In Your Bathroom?

What Kinds Of Mirrors Should You Have In Your Bathroom? Bathroom mirrors serve multiple purposes, which makes choosing the right mirrors for your bathroom something you should take seriously. Bathroom mirrors can be functional, illuminative, and decorative. You will want to consider your own needs and the space that you have as you decide what […]

Finding A Good Feature Radiator For Your Bedroom, Bathroom or Living Room

Finding A Good Feature Radiator For Your Bedroom or Bathroom In the past, radiators were pure utility items. Once installed, they took up space and put out heat. Other than being sure to not touch an overly hot one and minding leaks, there was very little to do with them. In other words, radiators have […]

Have a Freshwater Aquarium in Your Living Room

An aquarium set up in the living room. This is a good design of living room aquarium. Fish aquariums with live plants are great decor for the living room. Here is a another video that is about setting up a freshwater fish aquarium for the first time. We also recommend this website if you want […]

Buyers Guide to Smart Lights

Are you interested in the latest in lighting products? If you are here is a video for some of the best smart lights currently available. Links to the products shown after the video. Please click here for LIFX products on Amazon Please click here for TP-Link products on Amazon Please click here for Philips Hue […]

Best Bean Bag Chairs and Loungers 2018 Buyer’s Guide

First one in our list is the Sofasack beanbag chair. it embraces the laid-back attitude of an earlier time with a sturdy yet very comfortable structure of memory foam stuffing, double stitched passion suede and an assortment of colors and sizes for the choosing. This versatile line of boys girls and teenage room furnishings is […]

It’s All in the Head

It’s all the head… Waking up in the morning requires a good hot shower for millions of people. Unfortunately, if you’re perched under a trickling stream, you’re probably not getting the most out of your shower. Alternatively, if a jet of water knocks you back into the wall each morning, you’re probably getting too much! […] 2019

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