Top 5 Decorating Mistakes

[WPXperVideo id=20 ] I get asked by you guys all the time for decorating tips or decorating advice and I am definitely not an expert but I thought I would share five decorating mistakes and if you avoid these mistakes it can definitely make your house look a lot better. […]

[WPXperVideo id=20 ] I get asked by you guys all the time for decorating tips or decorating advice and I am definitely not an expert but I thought I would share five decorating mistakes and if you avoid these mistakes it can definitely make your house look a lot better.

Let’s get started with decorating mistake number one and I see this all the time at friends and family when I go to visit. So many people make this mistake and that is hanging your artwork and pictures too high. You want to hang your artwork or your family photos at gallery level, so that’s at eye level. Now if your freakishly tall, not at your eye level, it is the average five six to five seven person’s eye level, so the center of the artwork, the center of the photo would be right directly at eye level. Now if you’re hanging something behind a sofa or chair the general rule of thumb is eight to ten inches, no higher than, that above the back of the sofa or the back of the thing that you’re hanging it above. If you’re creating gallery wall and you’re grouping a large amount of pictures together again just make sure the center of the group is that gallery level is at eye level so some of the pictures will be really high and some will low but as long as the center of the grouping is at eye level that’s perfect and make sure to group your photos close together. This is another mistake that a lot of people make when hanging family photos or artwork on the walls. They space them so far apart it can look kind of awkward and and yeah group them together, group them tighter together and make sure you put them at eye level. It makes a really big difference in just the overall look and feel of the room.

Mistake number two that I see all the time is having a lopsided or unbalanced unsymmetrical room. So a lot of the times will be furniture like piled all on one side the room and nothing on the other side or there’ll be you know a lamp on one side of the sofa and nothing on the other. Our eyes like symmetry. Maybe it’s OCD, maybe we’re all a little OCD, but things just look better when they’re symmetrical so try to balance your room accordingly. If you have one thing on one side of the bed make sure you have something of similar size on the opposite side. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy but by balancing your space and having it be more symmetrical it is going to look a thousand times better.

Mistake number three is definitely chotchkes or knickknacks or whatever you want to call them. If you’ve got tons of stuff on your surfaces not only is that a time to dust but it’s also really visually distracting and can look messy even if you have a really clean and organized home. If you have a ton of family photos all lined up on top of your you know mantle or a ton of little knick knacks all over the place it can really feel messy and cluttered so a quick tip to making this look a little bit better is to group your collection together in groups of three five and seven and sort of having them all grouped together on one side and then big spaces in between and having another group of them on the other side. I’m not suggesting you have to get rid of all your knick knacks but grouping them together instead of having them spread all over the place definitely is more appealing to the eye.

Mistake number four is just having no color. Now a lot of people love the all-white look and I think that’s the exception but even then I think having pops of vibrant color just looks so much better. But what I’m talking about is like where everything’s beige. The walls are beige the, curtains are beige, the carpets beige the furniture’s beige everything beige. Throw pillows oare, beige overload, or gray or you know with everything is like just the same color without any variations it can just feel drab and no matter how beautiful your furniture or how beautiful your finishes are if everything is the same nothing really stands out so pick an accent color, grab some throw pillows. That is the most inexpensive and easiest way to add pops of color. Maybe hang some pretty curtains or paint a few accessories that you know whatever color you’re into right now. Yellow, I’m really into yellow and I think yellow looks lovely with grey so if you have in all grey room think about adding some other pops of color.

The last mistake that a lot of people make is putting off decorating their home because they feel like it’s going to be too expensive or they’re waiting until they have the money saved but decorating doesn’t have to be expensive at all. You actually don’t even have to spend any money at all to have a space look it’s best. It’s about rearranging the furniture so it’s in a more eye-pleasing way and making the most of what you have. Shopping your home, maybe grabbing some photos from different rooms or grouping your photography or photos or artwork on the wall in an eye-pleasing way. It’s not about spending money it’s about making your home a reflection of you, of making it the best that it can be with what you have. Almost all the furniture in my house is either a thrift store or you know cadivi which is like an online garage sale or garage selling or things that we’ve gotten for free. Quick coat of paint here and there even the kitchen you know with $60 worth of stain to update  It’s not about having it be some pinterest worthy gorgeous magazine spread space. It’s about making the most with what you have and making it a place that you feel pride in when you come home.

So I want to inspire you to look around your house see if you’re making any of those decorating mistakes. You can just make a few changes with lowering your artwork or grouping them a little bit differently having us you may be colorful two row pillows and rearranging your furniture so it’s really symmetrical and valid and that would have a huge impact in the overall look of your room. So decorate something today.

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