Decorating Ideas Decorate Your Home On A Budget: Living Room

Decorate Your Home On A Budget: Living Room

Today we’re going to be talking about how we decorate on a budget and if you have been watching my channel for any length of time you know that my primary focus is our organization on a budget and decorating on a budget so I certainly have lots of things that I can share of how we decorated our home on a budget. But today I’m going to be focusing on our living room. That is the room I think where we have the most items that we’ve acquired on a budget. I can’t even say that we bought all of them because some of them were free so I’m going to take you in her living room and point out all the things that I’ve got on a budget.


The next thing is our couch and we actually bought our couch on Craigslist back when we lived in New York City and okay buying leather on Craigslist I think that’s fine and then I got this pillow recently at Hobby Lobby for only a dollar 20. The next thing are these built-ins and you guys know I’ve talked about these built-ins so many times.It took some just regular bookshelves that I found on Craigslist. They were really ugly and dark wood and we removed some molding and we built up the side so they went up to the ceiling and we painted them white and now it’s just one of my favorite places to display my thrifted items and inexpensive things I find in garage sales. I use books and picture frames and you know milk glass of course. You guys know I love my milk glass. Just really inexpensive things that look really nice together.

So now we’re back in the living room and I want to show you the side table that I’ve also talked about so many times. Tthis console table we found right here that one on the side of the road,  it was just free. People were gonna throw it away and we totally snatched it up I love it and I just decorated really simply with things I already own, like things that I find outside like birch bark or things that I get at garage sales or on clearance like the pine cones. Just really inexpensive things and the last thing I want to show you are these curtains that are actually made out of bed sheets. You guys I made these when we first moved in because we didn’t have a ton of money to spend on curtains so I just used bed sheets and that’s how we pulled together this room over the course of three years using inexpensive Craigslist or thrifted things.

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing how I decorate our home on a budget and again please go and check out Danielle over blissful and domestic and see how she has decorated on a budget and sure there we other wonderful ladies participating in the collab that you could go and check out as well so thank you so much for watching I’ll be talking to you soon bye.

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