Bedroom Ideas Can Your Linen Really Impact How Well You Sleep

Can Your Linen Really Impact How Well You Sleep

Can Your Linen Really Impact How Well You Sleep

We think it can for sure. Snuggling into bed at night, you just want to be on a smooth path to dreamland. Unfortunately, there are things that can keep you awake. Is it an odd noise here or there or something much closer to home like your bedroom linen? There’s no doubt, your bed linens could be keeping you from dropping off into dreamland as you like, although you may not be realizing exactly how they are impacting your sleep.It’s not just the actual bedroom furniture that’s important; it’s what you put on the bedroom furniture that counts.

The texture of your bed linens can have a huge impact on how well you sleep. You may find yourself tossing and turning all night, thinking that you are worried or anxious. However, it may just be that you find your bed linens a touch too scratchy or not comfortable enough against your skin. In this case, you may find that changing to a higher thread count or opting for a different kind of material will provide you with a smoother texture which will almost certainly help you spend more time in the bedroom and more importantly in the bed.


The material of your bed linens can also have an impact in how well you sleep. This is especially true in today’s age of allergies. You may find that your bed linens are irritating your allergies without you even knowing it, keeping you up at night and leaving you feeling less than perfectly rested. A prime target here is the duvet. If you have a down comforter or duvet, you may not realize how much it is irritating your senses, especially if you have had it for years. However, many people grow more sensitive to allergic triggers as they grow older. Thus, you may be experiencing symptoms, like a stuffy nose and itchy eyes, without truly knowing the cause. You can change your situation by switching your linens to a hypoallergenic type. For sheets, there are special weaves. For duvets and comforters, you can get silk stuffing or milkweed stuffing that will still provide you with quality warmth without causing you to have any sort of allergic response.


Finally, the number of layers on your bed may also be impacting how you sleep. Individual sleepers respond to both weight and warmth when it comes to layering. If you are feeling a bit weighted down, but don’t want to loose your warm layers, examine the new blankets from space materials to get superior insulation while making your nightly rest more comfortable. You can also add crocheted blankets if you need more weight but don’t want any more insulation.

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