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Have a Freshwater Aquarium in Your Living Room

An aquarium set up in the living room. This is a good design of living room aquarium. Fish aquariums with live plants are great decor for the living room. Here is a another video that is about setting up a freshwater fish aquarium for the first time. We also recommend this website if you want […]

Welcome To The Revolution Of 3D TV

Welcome To The Revolution Of 3D TV The 3D Revolution is fully upon us, taking things to a completely new dimension, literally. Mustard Monkey Tip * Stay away from watching violent movies on 3D television, trust me you’ll feel like the killer is right there in the room with you. Most people don’t really care […]

Stunning Swedish Apartment

Stunning Swedish Apartment When it comes to interior design and the design of an apartment you may find it difficult to decide which furniture you should buy and how to arrange them to create that perfect look. Duly noted, most of apartments have small space and few rooms, for example the Swedish apartment below that […]

Modern Living Room Furniture

Modern Living Room Furniture When people refer to modern living room furniture are they really just talking about contemporary living room furniture or is there a difference? Well consider this, the word CONTEMPORARY is actually an adjective and has 3 senses: 1. Characteristic of the present 2. Belonging to the present time 3. Occurring in […]

What To Do About A Television Centric Living Room

What To Do About A Television Centric Living Room Although living rooms were once designed as social spaces, the modern world has transformed them into a different kind of space entirely. Now instead of gathering in the living room to talk with each other, people gather in the living room to veg out and watch. […]

Design the Perfect Living Room With the Right Furniture and Accessories.

Design the perfect living Room with the right furniture and accessories. This is not a distressed sofa, this is sofa in distress! Building a welcoming living room doesn’t necessarily mean completely chucking out all of your existing living room furniture. Remember you can change the character of a living room simply by investing in the […]

Decorating with Wood Burning Stoves

Decorating with Wood Burning Stoves Stoves, particularly the wood burning variety have become increasingly popular of late and it is not hard to see why. They are up to 90% efficient (compare that to a traditional coal burning fire at just 20%) and use wood, a renewable fuel source, to generate their heat. There are […] 2019

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