Living Room Ideas Stunning Swedish Apartment

Stunning Swedish Apartment

Stunning Swedish Apartment

When it comes to interior design and the design of an apartment you may find it difficult to decide which furniture you should buy and how to arrange them to create that perfect look.

Duly noted, most of apartments have small space and few rooms, for example the Swedish apartment below that only has two rooms. However, these apartments are often sometimes bigger than one would imagine, some have fantastic open plan living room spaces and it's important to make the most of these areas.

An open floor plan is always a good solution for creating a spacious and bright apartment. One can always then try to divide one room with another by utilizing the furniture itself.

As you can see a large sofa and small square coffee table are located in the living room area. Pay attention to clever design, notice, there is an addition, a cosy cushion in the window that looks ideal for a reading corner.
The white shelves reflect the light and open up the entire apartment and offer lots of storage for keeping knick knacks. The TV and trendy rug also serve to complement the modern living room.

Moving through the rest of the apartment, we find some of the most important spaces in any home. The kitchen has been designed to take up as little living space as possible but also has enough storage for keeping everything from recipes books to kitchen utensils & accessories. Next to the living room is a dining room leading off the open kitchen, notice that this room is also finished and presented in a white colour. Simple dining room furniture made of wood will accompany you while enjoying a breakfast or dinner.

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