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If you ever sat in your living room and looked around and thought I need to do something in here but you’re limited on time and you’re limited on money, well as a professional designer let me tell you the smartest thing you can do that will give you the biggest bang for your buck. […]

Stunning Swedish Apartment

Stunning Swedish Apartment When it comes to interior design and the design of an apartment you may find it difficult to decide which furniture you should buy and how to arrange them to create that perfect look. Duly noted, most of apartments have small space and few rooms, for example the Swedish apartment below that […]

Are Your Dining Room Chairs Right for the Table?

Are Your Dining Room Chairs Right for the Table If you’ve been thinking about buying some dining room furniture or even a new dining room set and you have your heart set on a certain table, make sure that you are going to like the chairs as well. It might be easy to fall in […]

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