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Finding A Good Feature Radiator For Your Bedroom, Bathroom or Living Room

Finding A Good Feature Radiator For Your Bedroom or Bathroom In the past, radiators were pure utility items. Once installed, they took up space and put out heat. Other than being sure to not touch an overly hot one and minding leaks, there was very little to do with them. In other words, radiators have […]

Best Bean Bag Chairs and Loungers 2018 Buyer’s Guide

First one in our list is the Sofasack beanbag chair. it embraces the laid-back attitude of an earlier time with a sturdy yet very comfortable structure of memory foam stuffing, double stitched passion suede and an assortment of colors and sizes for the choosing. This versatile line of boys girls and teenage room furnishings is […]

Change Your Lighting to Change Your Mood

Change your lighting to change your mood Light is a curious thing. You flick a switch or click a knob and there it is, without complication or a second thought. However, if you take the time to put some thought into your lighting solutions, you will find that the lighting in your home has a […]

Make the Most Out of Small Spaces

Make the most of your small spaces Small spaces can quickly become cluttered rat holes if you don’t take steps to manage them. When the small space is your whole house, this is a true problem. You need to make the most of your space while working within the physical limitations of the walls. One […]

Decorating with Mirrors

Decorating with Mirrors Besides a measuring tape, a pencil and good strong coffee, an interior designer’s best friend has to be a mirror. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in a million different ways including to deceive onlookers that a tiny boxy room is really capacious and flooded with natural […] 2019

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