Accessories Decorating with Mirrors

Decorating with Mirrors

Decorating with Mirrors

Besides a measuring tape, a pencil and good strong coffee, an interior designer’s best friend has to be a mirror. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in a million different ways including to deceive onlookers that a tiny boxy room is really capacious and flooded with natural light.

Yes, mirrors can make a room look more spacious but they also multiply light, be that from natural or artificial sources and create a depth that’s impossible to achieve in any other way. Mirrors and mirror-like surfaces can add an unexpected touch of sparkle and glamour to even very muted and neutral schemes and, of course, they’re great for checking yourself out in too.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Hung on the right wall and in the right place a mirror can really increase the amount of light in a room. Usually the best place to hang a mirror to achieve this is on the wall ninety degrees to the main window. Placing a mirror directly opposite will often just bounce light straight back along the path from which it came. If there’s room and your scheme will accommodate it, hang two mirrors, one opposite the other. If you can’t afford a large mirror, then, to really maximise the light coming in and give the illusion of space, go for a long mirror and hang it horizontally (this looks great over a sofa).

Free Standing Mirrors

If wall space is limited or, perhaps, you’re renting then free standing mirrors are a great option. Basically, there are two types: ones that go on a table top and ones that stand on the floor (often called dressing mirrors). These are a practical option too as you can move them around to ensure you’re looking at your best side in the best light!

Mirrored Surfaces and Finishes

One of my favourite trends of the last several years is one that is, thankfully, showing no signs of going away and that is the fashion for mirrored furniture. What started as a chic bedroom look with the first widely available pieces being dressing tables, bedside cabinets and drawers has been translated by designer after designer into furniture suitable for any room. Styles have evolved too. No longer is the lover of all things mirrored restricted to a vintage look but there are some amazing retro inspired pieces on the market too (see the angled mirror chest of drawers below as just one example). Mirrored furniture, like wall mirrors are light maximisers and, reflecting the floor, they make rooms seem acres wide.

Mirror-like finishes have become particularly fashionable of late and have found their way onto any number of beautiful objects, perhaps to boost the failing light as the winter evenings draw in.

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