Accessories Make the Most Out of Small Spaces

Make the Most Out of Small Spaces

Make the most of your small spaces

Small spaces can quickly become cluttered rat holes if you don't take steps to manage them. When the small space is your whole house, this is a true problem. You need to make the most of your space while working within the physical limitations of the walls. One of the best ways to do this is to look at smart storage solutions.

Smart storage solutions go beyond merely chucking things into the back of the closet or throwing something up into the attic. Smart solutions take advantage of under utilized space in your home and turn it into a way to get more livable space and reduce clutter. These solutions can really open up your home and make you feel like you have more living room.

Closet Top Storage: Closet top storage takes advantage of the upper few feet of the average closet. With smart boxes and shelving installations, you can store rarely used items or seasonal clothing in the top of your closet rather than leaving it as wasted space. Even narrow closet tops can store boots, holiday decorations, and personal memorabilia, freeing up floor space, drawer inches, tabletops, and cupboard shelves around the house.

Toilet Top Cupboards: These cupboards add shelving in your bathroom and take advantage of otherwise wasted space above the toilet. Even if you've got a raised tank, there are cupboards you can buy and install that can give you a place to store cleaning supplies, extra toiletries, and hair care items up out of the way.

Door Back Racks: The back of your door is a good place for a set of pegs or a rack. This applies to every door in your home, not just the bathroom door! You will find that you can store shoes, hang belts and accessories, or even leverage a slotted rack for mail and magazine storage. This reduces tabletop clutter and opens up drawer space in your regular furniture.

These are just a few of the ways that you can take space that isn't currently being used and put it to work for you. Even small places have this kind of underused space, and by thinking through your options you will find that there are many different solutions available to you. Reclaim your living space from clutter and find all the extra room that you can in your home!

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