Accessories Change Your Lighting to Change Your Mood

Change Your Lighting to Change Your Mood

Change your lighting to change your mood

Light is a curious thing. You flick a switch or click a knob and there it is, without complication or a second thought. However, if you take the time to put some thought into your lighting solutions, you will find that the lighting in your home has a dramatic impact on your mood.

Think about it. Turning on the bathroom light to a measly yellow flicker hardly helps you get up in the morning. Overly bright white lights in the bedroom don’t help you get to sleep either. The flickering fluorecents in your home office aren’t conducive to concentration. It’s no wonder you don’t find your home to be as warm and inviting as it could be! You have the power to control your mood by setting up a new lighting scheme in your home. This is something that goes well beyond simply opting for the latest environmentally friendly light bulbs. You want fixtures and lamps that really deliver the optimal lighting solution for the room and the mood you want to have.

Take your bedroom, for example. A simple overhead light might do the job, but it isn’t the best lighting solution. You can keep your overhead for daytime use, but you may like a lower lamp for in the evenings. This will help you have more direct lighting for reading in bed, and give you the option of being able to reach over to turn off the light instead of having to get up. Another consideration is the bathroom light. You may have a smaller fluorescent bulb over the mirror and a single bulb for the rest of the bathroom. It’s adequate, but not ideal. You will find with a little browsing that you can mount up lights for over the shower, modulate the color of the lighting over your mirror, or even wire in a simple heat lamp to add comfort in the winter months with a hot bulb and a slight orange glow to get your mind and your body thinking warm thoughts. Your home office may also benefit from lamps that simulate natural light. This has been known to boost productivity, and it does beat a bad, dim bulb. You can create the optimal environment for putting out good work with just a few new bulbs!

There’s no reason to accept the lighting that came with your home. Take charge of your lights, and take charge of your mood. You’ll be amazed at the selection and opportunities for change that await you.

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