Living Room Ideas Welcome To The Revolution Of 3D TV

Welcome To The Revolution Of 3D TV

Welcome To The Revolution Of 3D TV

The 3D Revolution is fully upon us, taking things to a completely new dimension, literally.

Mustard Monkey Tip
* Stay away from watching violent movies on 3D television, trust me you'll feel like the killer is right there in the room with you.

Most people don't really care what goes into making something incredibly special providing they get to enjoy it all the same. Will knowing exactly how and what makes a thing like 3D television extraordinary really make you enjoy it that little bit, probably not... well; I'm going to tell you anyway.

Understanding how 3D technology works:

It all has to do with the way that we focus on an object. Remember, humanoid beings see things because our eyes absorb the light that is reflected off of them. Our brains (for those who have got one) interpret the light and create a picture in our minds. It all sounds very Jedi but in reality it's pretty straight forward if you're a Jedi. (Try not to spend too much time working that one out)
Anyway, if an object is far away, the light traveling to one eye is parallel with the light traveling to the other eye but as the object gets closer, the lines change and as a result are no longer parallel. They converge forcing our eyes shift in order to compensate. You can see this effect in action if you try to look at something right in front of your nose. If you didn't just pick something up and test that, then hurry up and do it so that we can move on.

Now, when you focus on an object, your brain takes into account the effort it requires to adjust your eyes to focus on it as well as how much your eyes need to converge. This information basically allows you to estimate how far away the object is to you. If your eyes had to converge quite a bit, then it stands to reason that the object is closer to you. If you find yourself squinting, it's because you or the object that you are looking at are / is too BLOODY close to your nose, so move it!

The Secret ingredient is...

If you show each eye the same image in two different locations, you can trick your brain into thinking a flat image has depth. It's not all in the screen though and that's why you wear those rad glasses. When you look at the screen without your glasses you see two sets of images slightly offset from one another, one with a blue tint and the other with a reddish hue. The red lens absorbs red light and the blue... well, blue light. Meaning the eye behind the red lens will only see the blue images while the eye behind the blue lens sees the red ones. Because each eye can only see one set of images, your brain interprets this to mean that both eyes are looking on the same object. But your eyes are converging on a point that's different from the focal point -- the focus will always be your television screen. That's what creates the illusion of depth.

I can sense I am losing you here, just put the damn glasses on and you'll see a single image that appears to have depth. As they say in French "Voi-la" meaning quite figuratively "See there"

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