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It’s All in the Head

It's all the head...

Waking up in the morning requires a good hot shower for millions of people. Unfortunately, if you're perched under a trickling stream, you're probably not getting the most out of your shower. Alternatively, if a jet of water knocks you back into the wall each morning, you're probably getting too much! To choose a good shower head that will give you exactly what you need, you ought to consider height, flow, and maneuverability.

Height is an important consideration when it comes to you and when it comes to your space. The optimal shower head placement is overhead. However, this is not always down correctly, and in some cases the piping isn't there to be overhead in your home bathroom. There are a number of options that can adjust upwards for you, or there are several newer models with longer hoses that you can pin up to the ceiling for the right angle even if you can't install an overhead shower.

Flow is another important consideration. Even in homes with low water pressure, there are shower heads available that will let you get a strong flow of water thanks to smaller holes in the main spout. Thus, as you are looking at shower heads, you will want to consider the number of holes and their size to get a more realistic idea of what the flow would be like on your home water system.

Maneuverability is the third major consideration. Are you the kind of person who likes to move around a steady stream of water, or do you want to move the water around you? This can help you decide if you want a fixed shower head or if you want a more continental style shower head that comes on its own hose and can be moved around your body for the optimal wash for you. There are both retractable hose models for tidiness in the shower and models that have generous lengths of hose for larger shower or tub arrangements.

Finding the best shower head for your home system and your personal preferences isn't an impossible challenge. You deserve to have a good shower in the mornings. One of the best ways to ensure that your shower is everything you want it to be is to consider height, flow, and maneuverability. When you have all three of these straightened out, your morning shower will deliver exactly what you want.
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